Our story

Our Mission

The idea is to live in a world filled with positive energy with a safe environment to grow. Striving to make this world a better place to live one day at a time.

Does human trafficking disgust you? Are you tired of hearing about crimes everyday in the news? Saddens you when you see a homeless person on the streets? Feel like rent is too high? Need more vacation time at work? Want free healthcare? Want free college education? Can we find a cure for cancer? Can we reduce global warming? Can we (United States of America) get out of debt? 

Imagine seeing a day where our children do not get kidnapped for labor. Imagine seeing a day where violence does not occur for one day. Imagine not seeing one homeless person on the streets. Imagine being happier at work. Free healthcare. Free college tuition. Finding a cure for cancer. Reducing global warming.

We can get closer to making this happen. We can get closer than we’ve ever been in history. We can make this happen, sooner than we think. There isn’t any reason to wait anymore, we’ve waited long enough. We do not need to wait until another child gets kidnapped. We do not need to wait until another innocent person dies. We do not need to see another hundred homeless people in the streets. We shouldn’t have to hate going to work. We shouldn’t stress about having to pay for healthcare bills or school tuition fees. Those diagnosed with cancer, maybe we can find a cure? Maybe there is a chance to save our ecosystem. Maybe as a whole, United States of America, we can start printing its own money again.



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