Proposal (what we get):

  • Reduce the number of humans getting kidnapped.
  • Reduce the number of human trafficking.
  • Reduce the number of crimes. (Homicide, robbery, aggravated assault, rape)
  • Reduce the number of homeless people.
  • Increase wages, reduce work hours, increase paid time off vacation.
  • Double the salary for everyone in the (military, judiciary system, firefighters, hospitals, schools.)
  • Reduce cost of living.
  • Provide Universal Healthcare (Provide free healthcare for everyone.
  • Provide Universal Education (Free education for college students. Tuition fees & books included)
  • More funding to find a cure for cancer.
  • More funding to reduce global warming.
  • United States of America gets out of debt.

  The Solution:

  • Call your representatives and ask them to support legislation introduced by Congressman Henry Gonzales to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
  • Push for your home state to introduce and pass a legislation to end the FED. The following states have already done so:
    Arizona , Washington , Arkansas , Idaho , Oregon , Indiana , and Texas .
  •  Ask your STATE and COUNTY government to abolish the FED. Since the FED is CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL, it MUST be abolished. Ask your state/county governments for the proper paperwork. If the US Congress refuses to abolish the FED, your STATE/COUNTY governments can do it.
  • Collect signature on petitions calling for the end of the FED.
  • Help from the military and police force who swore an oath to protect America, the Constitution and every American citizen.
  • United States of America to start printing its own money again, pay off the debt owned and begin funding money to rebuild America. Or re-establish John F. Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110.


Allowing America to print its own money will provide everything in the proposal section. 

" The idea is to live in a world filled with positive energy with a safe environment to grow. Striving to make this world a better place. "
Era of change

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